Recently I was painting 45 kitchen cabinets. As part of the project, I was replacing the old hinges. I picked up 6 boxes from Home Depot (1/2 inch overlay) and hardware associate handed me Kreg concealed hinge jig. He did not see that I already picked up another one for about $10. I told him that I already have gotten one and that Kreg would probably be twice the price.

In fact, it was almost 3 times more: $29 to be precise I left the store with the feeling that he was trying to upsell me. I remembered that guy when I started drilling with that 10 dollar jig that I had bought. In a few minutes, I was on my way back to pick up the Kreg jig.

If you look at the picture on the package you will see that the jig is clamped down to the cabinet door.

The clamp is sold separately and costs another $20-30. I picked up the Bessie clamp for around $5. When I started using the jig I figured that it is way easier and faster to use it without any clamp. But this is not safe so I do not recommend anyone should be doing that. Besides, without the clamp, you will not be able to drill pilot holes for the screws.

The idea of the jig is great. You can precisely set up the position of the hole including how far from the edge you want the hole to be. During the set up I discovered that the measuring marks on the side of the jig are barely visible. They could be marked with white paint to make them stand out a little. The second drawback is sawdust from the drilling. After each hole, you need to clean out the jig. It’s ok if you are drilling like 4 holes. In my case, it was 90. So I’m not sure that an adapter for a shop vac would work without making the jig bulky but something for sawdust removal should be added.

These are the only downsides. In general, the jig is great. I would recommend it to anyone who is dealing with cabinet doors.