I got a $100 Home Depot gift card and was thinking what to get with it. I was leaning towards wood for my glass tables project but came across an interesting item: Milwaukee 2701-22ct drill/driver. It was on sale for $100 instead of $200 regular price. Not that I needed a new drill, my Ridgid was working perfectly well. On top of that I did not own any Milwaukee power tools.

But I had a lot of holes to drill in upcoming days (90 hinge cups) so I decided that having a new drill would be nice.

I took it out of the box and the battery that was attached to the tool did not work. The charger was blinking red and green trying to tell me that the battery is dead. Dead like in never coming back to life. I was very disappointed – my first experience with Milwaukee did not go well. So I hooked up the second battery and everything worked fine. But the battery issue bugged me. I already lost one of the batteries from my Rigid impact to the rain so I wanted to have two good batteries for my new drill. I packed the whole thing and went back to Home Depot. My idea was to exchange it or get my $100 gift card back. I did not want to wait for a new battery that manufacturer could send me in the mail.

To my surprise the returns associate called “a Milwaukee guy” and his name happened to be Alex – same as mine. He came wearing a green Ryobi shirt. Shame on me – I never thought that Ryobi, Milwaukee and Ridgid are connected. So I asked him why a Milwaukee guy is wearing a Ryobi shirt. I knew that Dewalt and Black & Decker are the same thing, but never even thought about the first three. With that out of the way and my explanation of the problem Alex kindly suggested to replace the battery on the spot. He made sure that the replacement was working and handed it to me. The battery was an upgrade from the original one (3Ah instead of 2). I was happy and got back to my hinge cups. I’m half way through 90 holes and I’m very happy with the drill. The only thing it lacks is a dedicated trigger for the light like my Ridgid impact.

I do not want to include any tech info in to this post as my decision to buy this tool was not based on research but on curiosity and nice price. I wanted to try something new and I did. It works perfectly on oak cabinet doors drilling 35mm holes with my Kreg concealed hinge jig.